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Welcome to the world of Justfit Technology

Welcome to the future

Justfit Technology -a patented wireless EMS technology (patent filed)- delivers the future to your home or fitness studio. Being a global innovation, our technology takes training experience to a whole new level.

The basis of Justfit training is known from medical rehabilitation: the muscles are stimulated with low-frequency electric impulse. An external electric impulse completes the voluntary muscular contraction.

Compared to the traditional EMS technology, the Justfit computer system is only a slim tablet, which communicates through an encrypted Wi-Fi channel with the hardware that creates the electric impulse on the special Justfit outfit.

With Justfit there are no boundaries, since the user has the freedom of motion with the wireless technology. Another great advantage of the EMS is that calories are not only burned during the training session, but also on the 3rd-4th day after the training.

With Justfit by BodyFit you can set different values for different muscle groups of the body, such as duration of the impulse, pause between impulses, depth of the impulse, strengthening of the impulse. With other EMS machines these values can only be set up by channels, not by muscle groups. The equipment on the technological dress also monitors and measures heart rate during training and forwards the information to the tablet which stores it and counts the quantity of burned calories with the help of the software.

JustFit by BodyFit – Multiplayer

With the Justfit system it is possible to train as much as 5 clients at the same time and individually personalize the values of each of them.

JustFit by BodyFit – Mobile version

In the mobile version, the system is controlled by a downloadable application. The Wi-Fi communication is created by using the cell phone’s own Hotspot.

JustFit by BodyFit – Technological dress




The control unit, which generates the impulse and is equipped with a battery and a Wi-Fi module, is located in the technological dress.
No cables can be seen from the outside of the dress since the cable set is in the technological dress.
The cables and the electrodes are distinguished by different colours in order to facilitate the cabling.
All electrodes are equipped with a nanotech Velcro which only attaches to its pair.
Our cables are covered with a uniquely-designed unbreakable weaving. The upper and the lower parts of the technological dress are separable, thus enabling the clients to match different sizes for different body shapes.

JustFit by BodyFit – Our Packages


JustFit Mobile Package

Would you like to train at home? Are you a personal trainer who goes to the clients’ homes? This is the perfect choice for you. Our mobile package is easily transportable and very compact.

JustFit Studio Package

Are you the owner of a fitness studio? Choose this option so that your clients can experience the advantages of Justfit training. Ideal in a studio environment.

JustFit Ultimate Package

While your client is training in your studio, your personal trainer can train a client in his/her home. Complete freedom without limits.

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